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Will The Tigers twins Game Be Delayed, Postponed, Cancelled?

Video novid Featured Not Featured Language English There is a possibility that Monday's September 7 Tigers-Twins game could be delayed or postponed due to weather.  Our friends at BetOnline offer clear rules for game postponements and are also known to pay out bets/make refunds in some instances regardless.   They are one of the few books that offer a dime line in Major League Baseball up to -199. *Now Celebrating 22 Years in Business *50% signup bonus up to $1000 *Available most US states (NJ prohibited) *Live in-play betting until the final minute of a game *Watch for top Bitcoin bonuses *True dime line in Baseball up to -199 *$55 minimum to open account *Highest credit card acceptance rateLEARN MORE HERE Rain showers were anticipated throughout this game, which starts at 2:10 pm ET.  The shower chance was hovering around 50% through 9 pm this evening. BetOnline Rules for Postponed Games Can Be Found Here This game is scheduled to start at 2:10 pm ET. Moneyline bets will have action after the gm goes 5 innings; 4.5 innings if the home team is up.  This follows a brief period at the start of the season where games were required to go 8.5/9 innings in order for there to be action due to Covid-19 uncertainties.  If you're unhappy with your current book's rules, we suggest playing at BetOnline. - Don Shapiro, General Category Baseball Topic Gambling News Sports Betting Sports Baseball Image

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